Walking tour Cappadocie

Walking Tour Cappadocie
Tour code: TRCAP

Day 1:
Arrival Ankara

Day 2:
To Cappadocia. We drive along the Anatolian plateau and along the "Tuz Golu" more - one of the salt lakes of Turkey. During the ride we see the landscape gradually change. In the afternoon we walk for about two hours by Pasabaglar.

Day 3:
Akvadi - Guvercinlik Valley. We walk through the valley-white Akvadi or along eroded rock which weathers amazing impression left. We have lunch in Uchisar. In the afternoon we follow a path in the valley Guvercinlik or pigeons. (5 hours)

Day 4:
Kavak A short transfer to Kavak. We are walking through a fertile area with grapes (wine), small fruit, nuts etc. (6 hours). In the afternoon we walk along the river in the valley Gomeda.

Day 5:
Pancarlik - Kizilcukur - Cavuçin - Goreme. A short transfer of about ten minutes into the rarely visited Pancarlik valley. Walking along we come to the strange formations Kizilcukur valley. We also visit Cavusin, on top of a dilapidated part of a "cave city" is (5 / 6 hours).

Day 6:
Ihlara Valley. The narrow deep Ihlara valley adorned with a rock-hewn churches was once a favorite retreat of Byzantine monks place. Walking through the narrow gorge, with 170m high walls in some places, we pass small gardens which once undoubtedly the Christian colonies of food for cutting. The cliffs are carved churches, which often still pretty well preserved frescoes possess.

Day 7:
Today we drive towards the town cat. Less well known village. Walk in the valley of Cat. After the walk we leave the area and drive to Cappadocia Ankara city.

Day 8:
Transfer to the airport and return flight.

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