Didim became a town in 1991. On a peninsula surrounded by Mugla and Akbuk in the east, the Aegean Sea in the south, the Bafa Lake and the Meander River in the north.

There are a lot of historical places to visit such as ancient cities Didyma, Miletos and Priene. A holiday resort close to Kuşadasi with its clean sea and hotels of good quality.

The natural beauties of the Dilek Peninsula, the Meander delta, the Bafa Lake and the 60km long coastal line with hundred of coves make the town worth visiting.It is a relaxing holiday resort for those who enjoy fishing, trekking, hunting, history, sea, sun and nature. Almost all the bays have sandy beaches and allow people to sunbathe and swim freely. Among these bays, the most important one is of course Altınkum (meaning the golden sand), which lies right in front of the hotels region and which is one of the most beautiful and worldwide famous beaches of the Aegean coast. With its very fine sand and its clear blue waters, it highly deserves its reputation. Though it is in quite a hot climate and on a peninsula, either for its air of very low humidity or the breeze which mildly blows from the land towards the sea all day long, or for the sea which covers your horizon, Didim creates a feeling of infinity and eternity, as well as a feeling of limitless freedom in every visitor. Don't you believe? Then come and live it for yourself!... There are about 200 touristic accomodations with an approximate 25.000 beds totally, in Didim.

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