The large, popular resort center of Alanya is nestled at the foot of a rocky promontory which juts out between two sandy beaches and is crowned by a 13th-century Seljuk fortress which is one of the most magnificent sights on the Mediterranean. Alanya is a beautiful holiday center of modern hotels and motels as well as numerous fish restaurants and cafes near the sea along the sandy beaches. These cafes fringing the harbour have become a popular gathering spot for tourists. From the lovely flower park, the road runs along the coast to the harbour lined with countless boutiques tempting the tourist with handicrafts and souvenirs such as leather wear, jewellery, handbags and the amusingly painted gourds which are a symbol of the area. Whether taking a photo from the fortress at sunset or strolling along the streets, this is a great place for a holiday. The harbour, the long white beaches, the brilliant turquoise waters and the foothills of the Toros Mountains sloping down to the sea make Alanya as picturesque as anywhere on the Mediterranean.

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